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“He who knows that he has enough is rich.”
– African Proverb

Employment and specialists

The Group employs more than 100 team members, including a wide variety of professionals and specialists in the diverse array of services we offer. Our experts consist of several Chartered Accountants, AGA’s, Lawyers and Advocates, a Doctor in Relational Leadership, Key Individuals registered at the FSCA and many professionals at different levels of training.

Women Employed 57%
Employees younger than 34 years 50%
Employee at DLR for over 4 years 40%
Employee at DLR for over 7 years 15%

The Group has several training offices, where we employ a variety of articled clerks, which are trained to be professionals, some of them leaving our Group after their articles to improve the quality of our countries’ financial services experts.

The largest percentage of our team members are regularly involved in continual professional education, ensuring we keep up to date and aware of the most modern technology, legislation, and methods in our various fields of expertise.


Pieter Esterhuizen
Pieter EsterhuizenExecutive Director and Group Chief Executive Officer
Pieter is a founder of the Group and the Group CEO. He is a chartered accountant with SAICA, an auditor with IRBA, a full member of the UK society, STEP, the US-based Family Firm Institute, SAIT, Key Individual with the FSCA, former president of SAICA Southern Cape and member of SAICA’s Regional Council. His expertise is mainly in the tax, advisory, fiduciary and accounting fields, both onshore in SA and offshore internationally. Pieter has been a CA since 1990 and has been and still am involved in
several auditing and accounting firms and financial services businesses.
Cobus Coetzee
Cobus CoetzeeExecutive Director
As a founder of the DLR Group, Cobus is the director responsible for Marketing and Sales. Cobus has 23 years’ experience in the insurance and financial planning industry and is overseeing the Wealth Division. He started his career at Sanlam and is a registered Key Individual with the FSCA. His expertise is mainly in specialist niche products.

Executive Management

Ig van der MerweDirector: Southern Cape Accounting
Ig was appointed as a director of DLR Southern Cape in April 2017. He is a registered AGA with SAICA. Ig started his accounting career as article clerk in 1996 and since 2001 he served as financial manager in the private sector and built on his tax and accounting expertise at several audit firms. Ig is the Chairman of the Accounting Division of DLR on Exco level.
Isaiah de JagerDirector: Botswana Accounting
Isaiah finished his articles in 1989 after which he went on to finish his B Com Honours degree in 1991 whilst working for Tata Marketing in Randburg, moving to their Botswana operations in 1993. He worked for Afrox Botswana as their Financial Director from 1995 to 2002 after which he established his own accounting practice and then joined the LUMENROCK team in 2015 and is based in Gaborone, Botswana. Isaiah’s expertise is in Accounting and Taxation and he is a member of the Accounting Exco of the Group.
Marizanne BotesDirector: Lumenrock Audit and Manager of the Oudtshoorn branch
Marizanne joined the Group in 2018 and was appointed as a director of Southern Cape Accounting until she became a shareholder and director of Lumenrock Audit Inc in 2019. She is a Chartered Accountant and Registered Auditor. She has strong technical, interpersonal and audit skills. She managed the Audit business and the Oudtshoorn branch, where she is also based.
Jaco van NiekerkManager: Fiduciary and Wealth Divisions
Jaco has a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and is a Certified Financial Planner®️. He started out his career with Sanlam in 1994, working in various departments from broker services and actuarial, to product development. He became an independent financial advisor in 2010 and joined the Group in 2011 to start the life insurance and investments cluster as the key individual. Jaco’s areas of expertise include investments, estate planning, business risk planning and Forex. He is also the Group’s FICA-officer. He was recently appointed as acting Manager for both the Fiduciary and Wealth divisions.
Tarita MostertGroup Technical Manager: Tax and Legal
Tarita joined the group in 2017 after completing both her legal and accounting articles. She is a qualified attorney in registered practice with the Legal Practice Council of the Western Cape, a registered AGA with SAICA and is admitted as a Notary Public in the High Court. She has completed her LLB and B Compt degrees, as well as her Post graduate Teacher’s Licentiate in piano. Tarita finished her LL.M in Taxation in 2018 and is currently busy with her PhD in Taxation at Rhodes University. Her expertise is mainly in the Legal and Taxation fields, specialising in structuring advice for clients, both in SA and offshore internationally.
Armand le GrangeDirector: Southern Cape Accounting
Armand has been with the group since 2008, starting out as an article clerk, completed his B Compt degree and is a registered AGA with SAICA. He later managed the Oudtshoorn branch and was appointed as director of the Southern Cape Accounting business in 2018 and is now based in George. His expertise is mainly in accounting, taxation (income tax, payroll and VAT), auditing and modern accounting software.
Hanno LourensDirector: Southern Cape Accounting
Hanno has been with the Group since 2013, after finishing his B Comm degree, he started out as an article clerk and now is a registered AGA with SAICA. He was the Production Manager of the Oudtshoorn branch and was appointed as director of the Southern Cape Accounting business in 2018 and is now based in George. His expertise is mainly in accounting, taxation (income tax, payroll and VAT), as well as auditing. He is now also responsible for the overall management of production in the Southern Cape.
Neil OberholzerDirector, AGA(SA), CTA
Neil has been in the Accounting Industry since 1965, former group accountant at Rusfurn Limited and group admin manager at Bears Furniture. He has been in private practice since 1980, council member and former president of SAIPA. Neil has been an Associate of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants since 1999. He is a member of IFAC, recipient of SAIPA’s President’s award and served on the Auditors Liability Committee of the European Federation of Accountants (FEE). He is a co-author of the book ‘How to better manage Audit risk’. His expertise is mainly in the accounting and business management and advisory fields, as well as property and management for Body Corporates and Timeshares. He is a keen golfer and treasurer of Nomads Southern Natal.
Blessing ChikwandaSenior Trust Administrator and Office Manager: Pretoria
Blessing comes from Zimbabwe in Seke under Chitungwiza Town. After completing the Advanced Level, he went back to his village of Chipindirwe, where he was engaged in the tutoring of computers and a variety of academics to the villagers. This impacted into the community development as the villagers began to be introduced to the use of technology and furthering of their educational levels. In 2012, Blessing relocated to South Africa, where he did his law degree (LLB) at Unisa. In 2016, Blessing joined DLR Fiduciary as a Trust Administrator while completing his LLB degree. He was later promoted to Senior Trust Administrator and deals with the full complement of fiduciary and legal services. He was appointed as Office Manager in 2019 in Pretoria.
Duaan JacobsBusiness Development Executive: Botswana
Duaan Jacobs graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a B.Comm degree prior to his first appointment as a Technical Analyst at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. He has since gained over 22 years of experience in the financial industry. He has worked for Commercial Union, Quyn Holdings and Societe Generale (SG) where he obtained valuable experience regarding investment consulting, international investments and the various international jurisdictions. In 2003 he joined the Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA) followed by time spent in Kenya and Tanzania as a consultant looking after expats and HNWI’s, and consulting to two of the parastatal pension funds in Tanzania on their investment policy strategy. In 2006 he relocated to Botswana where he started working with BDO Botswana under their international trust company, Kingsway Trust Co and in 2015 he joined DLR Fiduciary Botswana.